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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Nasas Ceibeñas.

What is a nasa?

It is a trap made of wood, used artesanal or industrially for fishing of spiny lobster “Panulirus Argus” that complies with the pertinent international norms to ensure the survival and reproduction of the species.

Can you manufacture lobster traps with the requirements of each Atlantic fishing zone?

In fact, we are a company with sufficient knowledge to elaborate traps with the measures used in Honduras, Nicaragua, Bahamas, Jamaica, Colombia and the United States where there is usually the fishing of spiny lobster.

How long can a nasa last?

That depends on the agreements or fishing laws in each country. In Honduras and the Caribbean, the duration of a year is established only to protect the fauna of the “Phantom Fishing”. This is achieved by regulating the amount of chemical used to impregnate the wood with which the trap is made.

Do you have experience selling abroad?

We definitely have the logistics and staff to serve customers outside our country. We have the national leadership in the manufacture of lobster traps, but we also regularly attend orders from outside. Every year we plan our purchase of raw material and production targets to ensure we meet future requirements. That is why we have experience selling our traps to Jamaica, Nicaragua and Colombia among others.

The leather that is used for bait, how long does it last?

The leather can last for months while it is well treated (salted) and in a freezer. So the racking in boats is perfectly feasible.

Can I make payments to your products from my home country?

Of course, Nasas Ceibeñas has the modern technological infrastructure, and can be transferred to your bank accounts easily and conveniently from your place of origin.

How do I guarantee that I will receive the product in good quality?

We have strict supervision controls from the purchase of our raw material to the manufacture and delivery of our products. More than a decade of experience backs us to ensure that we sell products of the highest quality.

The lobster traps include spare parts such as wood, other nails?

No, the lobster traps are sold as a finished product and delivered in perfect condition. The wood for repair and / or nails are purchased separately.

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